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Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder
Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder

Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder


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Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder

This is the Ecoflap; it is a letterbox draught excluder which keeps draughts out by using the wind to keep it shut.

If you have a rattling letterbox with a cold draught constantly coming into your home then you are probably wasting valuable money on wasted energy, you probably need a Letterbox Draught Excluder!
The Ecoflap EX is specifically designed to keep itself shut, it doesn’t use any springs, seals or brushes as this can damage your mail, it simply uses the wind!
The Ecoflap is a letterbox draught excluder with a real difference, the forces from the wind keep the unique design of the Ecoflap shut as the top of the flap has a larger surface area, this allows the Ecoflap to keep any cold draughts out while allowing mail to be posted with ease.

ecoflap with mail
ecoflap dimensions The Ecoflap has a very clever design as it has a larger surface area on the top which prevents the wind from blowing it open, it actually blows it shut!
The Ecoflap EX Draught Excluder allows for various package sizes to fit through the letterbox, up to a size of thick A4 newspapers, it can also be posted with no problems as the Ecoflap easily opens when mail is posted, preventing any mail damage occurring during postage.
Installation is simple and all you’ll need is a set of screws if installing onto a wooden door or a silicon sealer if fitting to a PVC door.
The Ecoflap is designed only for use as the indoor side of a letterbox, if you wish for a dual letterbox, try the Ecoflap Twin.
The Ecoflap EX comes in a variety of colours including White, Brown and Black.

27% of heat loss occurs through the letterbox due to cold draughts and high speed winds, this can be prevented by using the Ecoflap Draught Excluder as it will prevent cold draughts from  even the strongest winds, The Ecoflap will pay for itself many times during its life and will keep saving you money!
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The Ecoflap EX features

  • Prevents heat loss and draught
  • No components to break - So if your outside letter plate/ flap becomes faulty, the Ecoflap will still protect you from draught 
  • If the outside letter plate becomes faulty, you will still be protected from draught.
  • Adjusts automatically to various post sizes up to 260mm x 42mm
  • The Ecoflap is currently available in white, brown or black.
  • No springs, brushes or seals
  • Will prevent damages to mail
  • Excellent draught proofing features
  • Ecoflap EX All mating surfaces have TPE rubberised over molding to make a perfect fit.


  • Brand: Jessel Innovations
  • Type : Door Letterbox Internal Draught Excluder
  • Colour: White , Brown or Black
  • Weight – 340g
  • Overall external size – 330mm x 117.5mm


  • The Ecoflap is designed to be used as an internal letterbox draught excluder.

In The Box

  • Ecoflap Letterbox Draught Excluder
  • Screw hole caps
  • Fitting instructions

Additional Information

  • Requires screws for wooden doors and silicon sealer for plastic doors (neither are supplied)
  • The NEW EcoflapEx has the following product improvements -
  • Smooth Front
  • Full Aluminium BarAll mating surfaces have TPE rubberised over molding to make a perfect seal.
  • Max internal aperture – 287.5mm x 53.25mm
  • Min internal aperture – 150mm x 53.25mm

Delivery, Help & Advice

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Anne George from Wiltshire   0 Stars
Very pleased, looks neat, modern and we really notice the difference as it has now got colder. No draught. Really worth going for this eco model.

Reviewer: G.H from LANARKSHIRE   0 Stars
See the video online by the inventor. video shows all. As described better than the brush alternatives and has cut out drafts completely. V impressed. Well built. Much more expensive than the brush alternative but worth it

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