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Eco Gadgets, Toys &      Gifts for all the family.
  ○ A great selection of gardening            products including 
Bird Tables,           Solar Garden Lights and Grow            Your Own.
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Solar Garden Lights
Create a fantastic visual lighting effect in your garden with our solar lighting range. Outdoor Lighting at its very best. Our solar garden lights are perfect for all types of patios, pathways and garden borders.
We stock a range of Homeware products which are perfect for the home, they range from cleaning utensils to general health and beauty care. We stock a huge range of JML products too!
Energy Saving Lighting
Keep your home bright with our Energy Saving Light bulbs, you could save up to 85% by switching to Energy Saving LEDs today! From dimmable LED spotlights to cheap CFLs we have a great range our Light Bulbs!
Radiator Reflectors
Heatkeeper & Radflek Radiator Reflectors help can stop heat from escaping through your walls, these Radiator Reflector Panels reflect heat back into the room, helping warm room while saving you money too.
Home Insulation
Insulate your home thoroughly with our range of Home Insulation products, our draught excluders and seals will help prevent any heat from being wasted while the Radfan will circulate the heat around the home keeping it thoroughly warm.
Water Saving Devices
Our Water Saving Devices will help you save water and money with our wide range of products, from water saving shower heads to Eco Kettles. A range of our products have also been recommended by Waterwise!
Gift Guide
If you're stuck for a gift, look at our Gift Guide we have a great selection of products which would make anyone happy to receive.
Solar Security Lights
Our Solar Powered Security Lights are the perfect lighting solution, no mains power being required making our Solar Lights a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to mains powered Security Lights.
Energy Monitors/Timers
With our range of Energy Monitors you can keep a close eye on how much energy you are actually using, reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time! Our Electric Timers will help you set appliances on/off for when you need.
We stock an exciting range of Eco Gadgets which would be the perfect gift for anyone, from Solar to Dynamo these gadgets include amazing environmentally friendly features which would be perfect for any Eco Conscious person
Eco Friendly Cleaning
Cleaning products are a necessity but can be damaging to the environment, our Eco Friendly Cleaning Products can make any home sparkling clean but will also be undamaging to the environment
With this great range you can Grow Your Own Garden all year round! With our tubs and planters you can protect your plants and vegetables from the harsh elements of winter and keep them growing as healthy as they would in spring!
Solar Water Features
Make your garden pond into an exciting water feature with our Solar Fountains, with our great range of Solar Garden Fountains you can create mains-free fountains where no conventional power source is available.
Solar Panels & Lighting Kits
Solar Charging and Lighting Kits are a handy solution for using power and lighting where no conventional power source is available and you can easily charge your mobile devices with our pocket size Solar Phone Chargers
Recently Added
View our Recently Added items to keep up to date on what’s new to our store.

Our Popular Products 

Ecoflap EX Letterbox Draught Excluder
The Ecoflap EX letterbox draught excluder keeps shut so heat can't escape, save energy and money with the Ecoflap!
Hippo The Water Saver 9L Bag
Hippo the Water Saver 9 Litre Bag helps save money by conserving water in the toilet cistern, reducing water needed to flush
Ecoflap Twin Letterbox Draught Excluder
This is the Ecoflap Twin a draught proofing device designed to banish draughts from coming through your letterbox
Radfan - Radiator Fan
The Radfan Radiator Booster is a clever device which circulates the heat from a radiator evenly across a room.
JML Holawave Halogen Oven
Using halogen technology Halowave cooks food 40% faster than a conventional oven without the need to pre-heat. It has a handy self-cleaning function and also drains away fat, making cooking quicker and healthier.
JML Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron
JML Phoenix Gold Ceramic Iron provides gold standard care for your clothes. With a built-in steam generator and a ceramic sole plate, it glides across your fabrics to push out wrinkles and leave you with smooth crease-free clothes
JML Regis Stone Pans
JML Regis Stone pans are durable non stick pans. They are easy to clean and don't need oil to cook food.
Cat Solar Lights
These Bright Eye Cats are character solar garden lights which can be bought together in a pack of 4 or separately
Heart Shaped Silicone Baking Case
This Heart Shaped Baking Case is a must have for bakers, it makes use of easy release silicon to ensure the best quality
Waterstick - Plant Moisture Sensors
Waterstick is a simple water saving device designed to help you determine when it is time to water your houseplants
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With a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty on all products, it truly pays off to shop with us!
Our brands
We aim to deliver the best brands in renewable energy and eco friendly products, we currently stock products from great brands, including; Ecozone, Powerplus, Smart Solar, Heatkeeper and more!
Our customer reviews"Panels arrived by UKMail well within delivery estimate. Well packaged panels new as stated. Postage and packing very reasonable price. The panels excellent price .Just waiting to be fitted. The product, Seller and UKMail recommended."
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