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JML Veggetti
Veggetti is the fast, easy way to make vegetable spaghetti, ribbons and spirals.
Doctor Power Foam Action Cleaner
JML Doctor Power Foam Cleaner is a safe environmentally friendly non toxic and bio-degradable hard cleaning paste
Doktor Power 3D Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - 3 Pack
The Microfibre Cleaning cloths are super strong, absorbent, eco-friendly and versatile delivering the best in cleaning power
Microfibre Super Mitt
This an eco-friendly cleaning mitt that can be used in the home to effectively clean without the use of detergents
Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover
The Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover will fit on your ironing board with ease. The non-slip surface ensures trouble free ironing.
JML Pedi Pro Deluxe
The Pedi Pro is an Electronic Pedicure Treatment designed for removing dead and hard calloused skin.
JML Hot Buns - Hair Styling Solution
Hot Buns are a hair styling solution which makes it simple to style into a hair bun or donut style, just roll, snap and wrap!
Shower Feet the Shower Foot Cleaner
Shower feet sticks to the bottom of your bath and helps you to rejuvenate your feet without the awkward bending or stretching.
JML Bobble Off - Removes Fibres, Lint and Fuzz
The Bobble off is a handheld fuzz remover it uses rotating protected blades to clean away lints, bobbles and fuzz with ease
JML Holawave Halogen Oven
Using halogen technology Halowave cooks food 40% faster than a conventional oven without the need to pre-heat. It has a handy self-cleaning function and also drains away fat, making cooking quicker and healthier.
JML Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron
JML Phoenix Gold Ceramic Iron provides gold standard care for your clothes. With a built-in steam generator and a ceramic sole plate, it glides across your fabrics to push out wrinkles and leave you with smooth crease-free clothes
JML Regis Stone Pans
JML Regis Stone pans are durable non stick pans. They are easy to clean and don't need oil to cook food.
Snap Screen  JML Door Screen
JML Snap Screen keeps bugs out and let fresh air in as it has magnets along the opening, so it snaps shut behind you
JML Dryer Balls
The JML Dryer Balls can reduce drying of your tumble dryer by 25%, softening the fabric as they work.
Steam Wizard Tumble Dryer Ball
Steam Wizard turns your dryer into a wrinkle releasing machine, just toss it into the machine along with the clothes.
JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser Sponge
JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser can help lift dirt, grime and stains from surfaces without the use of chemicals or detergents.
JML Flexi Torch - Extendable Flexible Torch Light
With the JML Flexi Torch you can easily get to out of reach places and confined holes to make visible or reach metal objects
Microfibre Supermop with FREE Mitt
JML Microfibre Super Mop picks up dust, dirt and shines surfaces to a gleaming finish without streaks or scratches.
JML Rubber Wonderbroom
Jml Rubber Wonder broom is such a versatile cleaning tool that you will be reaching for it for all messes
Bentley Rubber Broom
The Bentley Broom is a hard wearing rubber broom which can be used wet or dry with or without detergent.
Microwave Pressure Cooker
The Microwave Pressure Cooker is ideal for cooking meat, rice, chicken, pasta, beans, stews in the microwave with ease
JML Twist N Chop
The JML Twist N Chop makes food preparation simple as it chops your food for you quickly and with ease
Miracle Thaw Defrost Tray - Defrosts food quickly and easily
The Miracle Thaw is used to help defrost your food products quicker and easier than conventional means
Anti-Frost Mat
The Anti-Frost Mat also ice and blockages in the freezer drainage tubes and ends the drudgery of manual defrosting
Heart Shaped Silicone Baking Case
This Heart Shaped Baking Case is a must have for bakers, it makes use of easy release silicon to ensure the best quality
Star Shaped Silicone Baking Case
This is a great piece of bake ware. The star shaped cake case in easy release silicone is suitable for use in the freezer.
Cup Cake Cases 250pk
The Cupcake Cases 250pk. Ideal for making your very own cupcakes that all your friends and family are sure to enjoy.
Cake Decorating Set
The Cake Decorating Set contains 10 different icing heads. Great for all your cake and cookie decorating
Grip lite
JML Grip Lites are a light designed to be able to grip onto any object allowing easy lighting wherever it is needed
Mantis Scratch Remover
Mantis Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle’s paintwork, eliminating scratches
Mantis Scratch Repair Pen
Mantis Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle’s paintwork, eliminating scratches
Duzzit Handy Hanger
The Handy Hanger is the perfect tool for producing hanging hooks easily and on demand for any needs necessary
Copy of Microfibre Supermop with FREE Mitt
JML Microfibre Super Mop picks up dust, dirt and shines surfaces to a gleaming finish effortlessly without streaks or scratches.
Window Care Kit
The car cleaning sponge kit that can be used for car windows but work equally well in the home to effectively clean.
Radiator Brush
The Radiator Brush by Neat Ideas will help you keep your radiator and your Radiator Panels clean and dust-free
25m Roll of Double Sided Tape
This Roll of Tape is designed for use with Heatkeepers by sticking them onto the wall behind the radiators
Christmas Scented LED Candle
This is a scented LED candle, give your home that traditional Christmas feel without the worry of fire in the house
Windscreen Cover
This versatile Gardman Windscreen Cover provides frost protection in winter and keeps cars cooler in summer
Bentley Craftsman Paintbrush Set 10pk
This a value set of Bentley Craftsman Paint brushes with 10 brushes included, manufactured for pure natural bristles
Log Saver - Log Maker
Log Saver is simple and clean to use again & again, Saving money and recycling waste materials is just the start.
The Logmaker makes long lasting logs and produces compact long burning fuel from fallen leaves, newspaper, cardboard etc.
Stone & Decking Cleaner
The Stone & Decking Cleaner effectively removes moss, green film and grime from stonework, masonry and wood decking
Window Wizard Dirt Repellant Spray
Window wizard is specially designed to to leave an invisible shield to protect your windows from day to day grime
Club Class Digital Luggage Scales
The Club Class Digital Luggage Scales allow you to weigh your luggage to avoid expensive airline charges
JML Footsie Blanket
JML Footsie Blanket - Super soft fleece blanket in Blue or Red.
Yellow Duster 10pk
10 Pack of Yellow dusters, perfect for various cleaning purposes such as dusting and wiping down surfaces
Gutter Gard
The Gardman Gutter Gard is designed to be placed onto your gutter to help reduce debris from blocking the gutters
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