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Gift Ideas For Him

Looking for an ideal gift for him? You'll find lots of clever devices, appliances, and ideas right here!
Find gifts and presents for her here, from Shower Radios to Dynamo Track & Car sets there's plenty to choose from right here! Especially for those hard to buy for people!
Doctor Power Foam Action Cleaner
JML Doctor Power Foam Cleaner is a safe environmentally friendly non toxic and bio-degradable hard cleaning paste
Potato Growing Tub - Two Pack
These Gardman Potato Tubs just need a flat surface in the sun to produce a good harvest of potatoes.
Water Powered Shower Radio
This is the worlds first water pressure powered shower radio. This radio can be fitted directly on the faucet of your shower.
Plant Pot & Container Water Saver
This is a simple but effective water saving device that sits at the bottom of plant pots then collects water when watering
Wind-up Camping Lantern
The Wind-up Camping Lantern can be used for light in a place where a power source is not available just by turning the lever
JML Bobble Off - Removes Fibres, Lint and Fuzz
The Bobble off is a handheld fuzz remover it uses rotating protected blades to clean away lints, bobbles and fuzz with ease
Plant Pot & Container Water Saver - MEDIUM
This is a simple but effective water saving device that sits at the bottom of plant pots then collects water when watering
Bottle Top Sprayer
The handy bottle top sprayer that fits most standard drinks bottles transforming it into a simple pump action garden sprayer.
Novelty Drop Shaped Shower Timer
The Drop Shaped Shower Timer is simply a timer to keep you aware of how long you are showering for to reduce water usage
Power Plus - Lion LED Searchlight
The Lion is a 3 watt Super bright LED searchlight which is completely powered by dynamo with chargers included
JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser Sponge
JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser can help lift dirt, grime and stains from surfaces without the use of chemicals or detergents.
Powerplus Meerkat - LED Flashlight/Lantern
With the Powerplus Meerkat you can experience mobile lighting for when you on the go, It's perfect for use as a flashlight
7 Tritronic LED Reading Light
This 7 Tritronic LED reading light can can be used as a light source when no conventional lighting is available
iNLEC Hi Power 13 LED Lantern
This is the iNLEC HI POWER 13 LED Lantern, It provides a high intensity spotlight and a heavy duty case
Power Plus - Panther Multifunctional Radio and Powerbank
The Panther is a multifunctional radio and powerbank which is completely powered by dynamo and solar
Miracle Thaw Defrost Tray - Defrosts food quickly and easily
The Miracle Thaw is used to help defrost your food products quicker and easier than conventional means
Dynamo & Solar Radio with Flashlight
The POWERplus® Lynx is an AM/FM Radio with flashlight that combines beautiful design with high performance.
Water Powered Alarm Clock with Thermometer
The H2O Alarm Clock uses the latest long life H2O technology to allow water to power this large display clock.
Grip lite
JML Grip Lites are a light designed to be able to grip onto any object allowing easy lighting wherever it is needed
Remote Controlled Solar Shed Light
This remote controlled shed light uses 10 white LED’s and is ideal for lighting sheds, garages or and other outbuildings.
H2O Water Powered 8-digit Calculator
The Water Powered calculator requires no batteries and is energised by water, a unusual gadget which would be a perfect gift
Mantis Scratch Remover
Mantis Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle’s paintwork, eliminating scratches
Power Plus - Racoon Solar & USB LCD Alarm Clock
The Racoon is a multifunction alarm clock which includes features such as Thermometer, Calendar and Time
Mantis Scratch Repair Pen
Mantis Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle’s paintwork, eliminating scratches
Smart Vent - Solar Powered Ventilator
This self contained solar powered ventilator can be fitted to most surfaces, including polycarbonate, glass, wood and metal.
Window Care Kit
The car cleaning sponge kit that can be used for car windows but work equally well in the home to effectively clean.
20 Litre Solar Camping Shower
The 20 litre capacity the Solar Camping Shower can provide a 7 minute hot shower and only takes 3 hours to heat up
Powerplus Space Explorer 7 in 1 Model Kit
The Space Explorer is a solar powered model kit, choose from 7 model designs to build and learn about alternative energy
Radiator Brush
The Radiator Brush by Neat Ideas will help you keep your radiator and your Radiator Panels clean and dust-free
iNLEC Hi Power 27 LED Work Light
This is the iNLEC HI POWER 27 LED Work Light has a robust design for demanding conditions and 27 hi-intensity LEDs
iNLEC Hi Power 2pc LED Torch Set
This is the iNLEC LED Torch Set, It combines high intensity spotlights with ABS cases for a highly durable torch.
iNLEC Hi Power LED Flashlight
This is the iNLEC Hi Performance LED Flashlight which is 20x brighter than standard light bulbs and is water resistant
Bentley Craftsman Paintbrush Set 10pk
This a value set of Bentley Craftsman Paint brushes with 10 brushes included, manufactured for pure natural bristles
The Logmaker makes long lasting logs and produces compact long burning fuel from fallen leaves, newspaper, cardboard etc.
Stone & Decking Cleaner
The Stone & Decking Cleaner effectively removes moss, green film and grime from stonework, masonry and wood decking
Window Wizard Dirt Repellant Spray
Window wizard is specially designed to to leave an invisible shield to protect your windows from day to day grime
Club Class Digital Luggage Scales
The Club Class Digital Luggage Scales allow you to weigh your luggage to avoid expensive airline charges
0.5W Mini Head Lamp
This 0.5w Mini Head Lamp is designed to fit on your head with ease, its lightweight design allows easy portability
LED Light Tent Pegs
The LED Light Tent Pegs allow you to see your tent pegs wherever they are, especially in the dark.
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