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Eco Friendly Energy Saving Gadgets

Our range of environmentally friendly eco friendly gadgets and devices for the home are designed to save our precious world energy resources. We stock a range of eco friendly products from Water Powered Clocks, Solar Torches to Wind up Radio's. Our energy saving gadgets are easy to use and you are assured to have carried out your bit for the environment whilst you save money

Bat Wind up Headlight with bike attachment
With the Powerplus Bat you can make excellent use of mobile light and energy when you are on the move
Micro LED Headlight
This Microhead light is a useful light for camping or out in the dark it can also be used around the home.
Nighthawk Wind Up Dynamo Torch
With the Powerplus Nighthawk you can experience a flashlight and charger combo when you are on the go.
Puma Wind up  Compact Flashlight
The Puma a portable torch with the latest LED technology and is completely powered by dynamo, useful for camping
Bee LED Dynamo Torch
The Bee is a LED torch which is completely powered by dynamo, its small compact design allows it to be attached to a keyring
Dolphin LED Wind Up Torch
This is an ultra bright dynamo powered LED torch that you can take anywhere and hang anywhere with the handy caribina clip.
Water Powered Shower Radio
This is the worlds first water pressure powered shower radio. This radio can be fitted directly on the faucet of your shower.
EZEESEE Wind up torch
The EZEESEE windup torch has three super bright LEDs and is completely powered by a wind up dynamo crank.
Wind-up Camping Lantern
The Wind-up Camping Lantern can be used for light in a place where a power source is not available just by turning the lever
Firefly Multifunction Wind Up Light
With the Firefly you can have a mobile light wherever you go, it includes 16 LEDs and it completely powered by dynamo
Penguin Hand Powered Torch
Penguin dynamo torch is an eco-friendly torch for kids and uses the latest LED technology and as an instructive torch
Solar LED Torch & Worklight
This is a solar LED Torch & Worklight which is capable of being mounted on the wall as well as by hand.
Barracuda Solar Torch
The Powerplus Barracuda is a bright LED torch which can is completely powered by both dynamo and solar
Power Plus - Lion LED Searchlight
The Lion is a 3 watt Super bright LED searchlight which is completely powered by dynamo with chargers included
Solar Candle Light
POWERplus introduces to the Home & Garden line, the Dragonfly, a solar powered Candlelight with flickering effect.
JML Flexi Torch - Extendable Flexible Torch Light
With the JML Flexi Torch you can easily get to out of reach places and confined holes to make visible or reach metal objects
Powerplus Meerkat - LED Flashlight/Lantern
With the Powerplus Meerkat you can experience mobile lighting for when you on the go, It's perfect for use as a flashlight
4 LED Touch Lights 3pk
This is a set of 3 LED Touch Lights which can be stuck to walls, cupboards and other places which require light.
24 Tritronic LED Work Light
This 24 Tritronic LED Worklight can can be used as a light source when no conventional lighting is available
7 Tritronic LED Reading Light
This 7 Tritronic LED reading light can can be used as a light source when no conventional lighting is available
EZEESEE Mini torch
The EZEESEE mini torch has a powerful lighting and optimal beam spread while being comprised of quality grade aluminium
iNLEC Hi Power 13 LED Lantern
This is the iNLEC HI POWER 13 LED Lantern, It provides a high intensity spotlight and a heavy duty case
Power Plus - Panther Multifunctional Radio and Powerbank
The Panther is a multifunctional radio and powerbank which is completely powered by dynamo and solar
Solar Battery Charger with USB Powerbank
The POWERplus Lizard is a Solar Battery Charger Powerbank which can be used to charge your phone on the go
Freeloader Pico Solar Charger
Freeloader Pico is an advanced portable power unit designed to charge most electricial devices up to 5V.
Freeloader Pro Solar Charger
This is a solar phone charger for your mobile phones and batteries when a charger isn’t available.
Dynamo & Solar Radio with Flashlight
The POWERplus® Lynx is an AM/FM Radio with flashlight that combines beautiful design with high performance.
Water Powered Multi Function Clock
The H2O Alarm Clock allows water to power this multifunction clock with temperature and timer displays
Water Powered Alarm Clock with Thermometer
The H2O Alarm Clock uses the latest long life H2O technology to allow water to power this large display clock.
Water Powered Analogue Retro Clock
The H2O Retro CLock uses the latest technology to allow water to power this large display clock in an analogue design
H2O Water Powered 8-digit Calculator
The Water Powered calculator requires no batteries and is energised by water, a unusual gadget which would be a perfect gift
Power Plus - Racoon Solar & USB LCD Alarm Clock
The Racoon is a multifunction alarm clock which includes features such as Thermometer, Calendar and Time
Smart Vent - Solar Powered Ventilator
This self contained solar powered ventilator can be fitted to most surfaces, including polycarbonate, glass, wood and metal.
Powerplus Butterfly 6 in 1 Toy Set
This is the Powerplus Butterfly, Amaze children with the power of solar power, A real educational and fun toy!
Powerplus Space Explorer 7 in 1 Model Kit
The Space Explorer is a solar powered model kit, choose from 7 model designs to build and learn about alternative energy
iNLEC Hi Power 27 LED Work Light
This is the iNLEC HI POWER 27 LED Work Light has a robust design for demanding conditions and 27 hi-intensity LEDs
iNLEC Hi Power 2pc LED Torch Set
This is the iNLEC LED Torch Set, It combines high intensity spotlights with ABS cases for a highly durable torch.
iNLEC Hi Power LED Flashlight
This is the iNLEC Hi Performance LED Flashlight which is 20x brighter than standard light bulbs and is water resistant
0.5W Mini Head Lamp
This 0.5w Mini Head Lamp is designed to fit on your head with ease, its lightweight design allows easy portability
LED Light Tent Pegs
The LED Light Tent Pegs allow you to see your tent pegs wherever they are, especially in the dark.
Powerplus Bear Dynamo/Solar Camping Lantern
Camping Lantern with 3 charging methods included, charge via solar, dynamo or even through a car charger,
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