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SAVE 20% on your heating costs today.

We are all looking for ways to save money and with the massive rises in electricity and gas costs heating our homes represents a third of our yearly outgoings.  They are many things you can do to save money around the house and we all know them, turn off the lights when you not using them, don’t flush the loo unnecessary, turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.

Of course by ensuring your house is well insulated and you have double glazing will help in reducing your costs, but there is still one area you probably haven’t thought of and that is to reflect the heat produced by the radiators throughout your home back into the room, so to keep the heat in you may want to consider fitting Heatkeeper energy saving radiator panels.

fitting HK

It’s an easy, in-expensive way to start saving on your heating costs, on average as much as 20%. So once fitted the Heatkeeper reflectors will pay for themselves within the first year.  The panels work in three ways to save energy, money and improve the comfort and feel of your rooms.


Insulating the Wall

The moulded shape of the Heatkeeper panels creates an air space between the radiator and the wall surface creating a thermal barrier.

diagram insulate

Reflective Surface

The highly reflective surface of the panel acts as a radiant agent and reflects heat back into the radiator, which returns the water to the boiler at a higher temperature, therefore the heating system requires less energy to reheat the water in the boiler.

diagram reflect

Saw Tooth Profile

The saw- tooth profile of the Heatkeeper panels is designed to stimulate convection currents which improve heat circulation, helping to eliminate cold spots in the room.

diagram convect


Heatkeepers have been independently tested by world renowned industry experts such as the Building Research & Industry Association, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the Scottish Energy Centre and Queen’s University Belfast and they are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Unlike the flimsy alternatives, Heatkeepers are the permanent solution to improving the heating efficiency of your household radiators. They are easily adhered to the wall behind the radiator and now with an alternative hanging method,  Heatkeeepers can be fitted to those hard to reach areas under sills or behind radiators with small gaps.

Click on the link here to find out how much you can save today and how to buy http://ow.ly/BmX0o

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Customers can purchase Heatkeeper energy saving radiator panels

online at our website www.heatkeeper.co.uk

or in-our store at 27 Phoenix Road, Crowther, Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE38 0AD.


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