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Spring is finally here !!!

Spring is finally here !!!


Spring is finally here, well for most of us we have seen an increase in temperature and even some of us have even seen the sun. So are you getting ready for sitting out doors and turning the heating off? This year we have some brand new solar garden lights and if you’re after something different then we have them. The scroll animals are a range of solar garden metal lights that stands between 34cm-80cm high. There are 4 different animals in the range to choose from.

The Swan and the Heron stands tall and elegant at 80cm high.

1050440 Metal Silhouette Swan - co1050840 Metal Silhouette Heron - co

The Horse majestically stands at 45cm and the magnificent Elephant stands at 34cm high.

1050940MO - Metal Silhouette Elephant (4)

Finally the Hens, in a pack of two these charming bronze hens stand at 27cm high and will look like they’re cheerfully pecking around your garden.

The lights aren’t heavy so they can be placed anyway in the garden and don’t worry they won’t tarnish. Each light has an integral solar panel which charges during the day, ready for use in the evening. You can choose between bright white light and multi coloured light both options are sure to impress, (the hens only have white light). The light shines through the metal scroll cut out pattern on the body of the animal and spans outward. When you have the light in the multi coloured mode, the colours change from one to another with dramatic effect.
The recommended retail price of the lights are £69.99 for the larger animals (the hens retail at £35.00) and are being sold in the garden centres at that price, but we have the lights priced at a more reasonable £39.99 (£22.99 for the hens), so you can afford to treat yourself to these truly remarkable lights.

Now available online and instore.


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