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What is a Radfan?

Energy Suppliers are consistently raising prices which makes bills a real struggle for a lot of people, this is making the public look for ways to cut down on their energy bills, there are alot of good products out there which can save you money on your bills. The Radfan is one of those products, but what exactly is it?

what is a radfan



The Radfan is a clever invention created by a team of engineers, architects and designers who believe that comfort and smaller fuel bills should come hand in hand together.

The first Radfan was made from cardboard and a couple of cheap fans, it was created by Roland Glancy who simply wanted to warm up his home.

Nowadays, Radfan is a large team which distribute the product nationally, it is proudly manufactured in the UK and is solving the publics need of warmer homes!

The Radfan sits on top of your radiator and when your central heating system is turned on the built in thermostat detects the heat, once it reaches a specific termperature the Radfan switches itself on.

Although the Radfan is required to be plugged into an electricity socket, it only costs £2 a year to run, thats less than a penny a day!

Once the Radfan has switched itself on it will almost instantly improve the energy efficiency of your radiator, the fans will start moving and will evenly distribute hot air from the radiator across the room, this will reduce wasted energy from the central heating.

The Radfan evenly heats up the room instead of allowing heat from the radiator to rise, this heats up the room quicker than usual and stops you having to turn up the thermostat as much, which is less money to pay the energy companies!

The Radfan will keep you warm and comfortable without having to pay the price, Buy one here for £47.50

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