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Solar Mains-Free Lighting

Plenty of us have a dark dank shed that can only be used during the day due to there being no light inside. It can be a real fuss to install mains lighting into our outdoor sheds!

You can actually fork out a lot of money for an electrician to wire up your shed so it is capable of Mains lighting and unfortunately according to Part P of the Building Regulations 2000 you can’t do it yourself!

There is an alternative solution though, Mains-Free Solar Lighting!

The Geo Mains Free Lighting Kits are the perfect range for Outdoor lighting where no other conventional lighting source is available

With a Mains-Free lighting kit you can turn any light-less outdoor building or room into a warm bright environment, It can be installed anywhere and it’s free to run!

Now you must be wondering if this requires an electrician to install it under  Part P of Building Regulations 2000?

Well it doesn’t require anyone else to install it for you, You can do it yourself and it should only take an hour to install, Not only are you saving money by not hiring an electrician but you also don’t need to pay for the electricity costs to power the light bulb!

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