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Keep the draughts out and save energy & money

We may have had the sunniest winter on record, but many people in the UK are still living in cold and draughty homes, revealing the shameful fuel poverty crisis that many low income, vulnerable and old people are facing in the UK.  As all of the leading gas and electricity suppliers may be on the verge of dropping the bills and we are told to switch suppliers to get a better deal, the fact remains that the politicians are not doing enough to help. This is even more poignant when you consider in the colder Scandinavian countries the death rate rises during the winter months by 10%, but in the UK the death rate rises by a massive 30% and the difference is we live less energy efficient homes.


The main causes of the cold are draughts and there are some simple measures you can take to make some great savings. Draught excluders that can be placed around windows and doors, seal single glazed windows with the secondary glazing film, fit Heatkeeper radiator reflectors behind your radiators to save 20% on your heating costs  http://ow.ly/JXxNz,heatkeeper transparent

and fit an Ecoflap letter box draught excluder to stop the wind from opening and letting the cold in http://ow.ly/JXxXx


So keep the heat in and the draughts out, save 5% with voucher code buny15.


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