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Turn green in the New Year!

It’s just turned 2014 and no doubt most of us will be making New Year Resolutions, They are a fantastic idea and can give us the inspiration to change our lives for the better but along with your vows to quit smoking or lose weight, why not try being more eco friendly?

It can change not only your life, but change everyone elses too!

I don’t mean that you have to turn off all of your lights indefinitely or pay thousands of pounds for insulation and solar panels! oh no, thats not what i mean at all, you can be more eco friendly by reducing your power consumption!

First off you probably want to stop all that hot air you’re pumping into your house from escaping and being wasted, Draughts are the biggest cause of wasted heat and can add hundreds of pounds onto your energy bills a year!


The Ecoflap keeps any draught from entering your home through the letterbox as it uses the wind to keep itself shut! It’s clever design allows for easy postage without the use of brushes or springs yet doesn’t let draught through, the Ecoflap could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year, You can purchase your very own Ecoflap for only £22.00



This is a simple door draught excluder which fits on the bottom of your doors, it uses brushes to trap the heat into rooms and to stop it escaping, it’s cheap, comes in various colours and is easily fitted, You can grab a Door Draught Excluder for yourself for only £3.99



The Chimney Snug is a chimney draught excluder which fits onto your fireplace and blocks any draught from coming through the chimney, it’ll keep your room warm and keep out any cold draughts, bad odours and soot from entering your home, You can pick a Chimney Snug up for only £19.99

Once you’ve protected your house from cold draughts you can start turning down your thermostat, your home will stay warm for longer and won’t be a victim to any draught, each degree of which you turn your thermostat down could save you up to £65 a year!

Here are some more tips to keep your house warm and reduce your energy consumption;

heatkeeper transparent

Heatkeeper is a pack of Radiator Reflectors designed to be fitted behind your radiator, Heatkeepers specially designed surface reflects any wasted heat (which would normally escape through the back wall) evenly across the room, this allows for your rooms to warm up quicker, stay warmer for longer and allows you to turn your thermostat down without any real difference in temperature, With Heatkeeper you can save up to 20% on your heating costs! You can buy Heatkeeper from us, packs start from only £15.99


Radflek is another pack of radiator reflectors which are designed in a different way, Heatkeeper can be securely stuck onto the wall with double sided tape while Radflek can hang from the wall brackets, They both work in the same way, reflecting heat back into the room, you can get your own pack of Radflek from only £21.49



The Radfan works on the same concept that Heatkeeper and Radflek do, by directing wasted heat to where you want it, The Radfan sits on top of your radiator and can be plugged into the wall, when the radiator is turned on, the Radfan detects the heat and starts circulating the heat across the room, This prevents heat from rising up past the room as it uses fans to blow it evenly in the centre on the room, You can pick up a Radfan for yourself for only £49.50


Now i’ve told you how to keep your home warm and save money, now it’s time for me to help you save money in other ways;



We all like a nice long shower, but it can seriously waste a lot of water, You can buy timers to help you keep time in the shower and make sure you don’t spend too much time in there, But if you really don’t want to reduce your shower time, you could use a Pulse Eco Showerhead, It uses up to 40-60% less water than a usual showerhead by creating pulses between water droplets, It uses up less water yet does not affect your shower experience and can be fitted to practically any shower, you can get one of these nifty Pulse Eco Shower Heads for only £27.99



The Solar Mains-free Lighting Kit can light up any outdoor building or shed you have, To fit in a Mains lighting socket outside you would need to hire a certified electrician which could cost you quite a bit of money, The Solar Mains-free Lighting Kits can be installed by practically anyone and is powered by a solar panel, This means that once installed there will be no electricity costs! You can pick a Mains-Free lighting kit up for yourself starting from only £48.99

We are currently offering 10% off all Geo Lighting Kits, just use voucher code: geo10 when ordering.

potato bag 9093 (1)


Did you know you can grow your own vegetable at home with ease? Just use a Planter or Growing Tub, They allow you to grow your very own vegetables all year round, Just fill up with soil and plant your vegetable, they will taste great because you grew them yourself!

Get your very own Planter from only £3.99


Now i’ve told you how to save yourself money and help save the environment, the rest is up to you, good luck being green in 2014!

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