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How to fit Radflek

Radflek Radiator Reflectors are a great energy saving product which hangs behind your radiator, they reflect the heat from the back of the radiator (which would normally heat the exterior wall) evenly into the room, This prevents energy from escaping through the exterior wall and allows the room to heat up quickly, Radflek is very easy to install and only takes around 5 minutes per radiator, This is a guide to help you install them.


  1. Take your Radflek out of the pack and flatten the creases with your thumb, then measure the distance between your radiator wall brackets.
  2. Right so you have the measurements? you need to write them down or remember them! Now measure the same distance on your radflek sheets and cut a sheet to the same width.
  3. Now you’ll have to make a fold at the top of your newly cut Radflek sheet, just fold over at the top, a 1cm fold should do. radklips2
  4. You should have received some Radklips  in your Radflek pack, grab two and slip them onto the fold at the top, you may want to add more, depending on how wide your sheet is and how sturdy you’d like it to be, Haven’t got enough? Purchase more Radklips hereradflek-radiator-reflectors-3-sheet-pack-fits-3-6-radiators--[3]-68-p
  5. Now place the Radflek behind your radiator with the printed side facing the wall, The Radklips balance onto your wall brackets, if necessary you can roll more Radflek or trim the bottom of the sheet.
  6. radstik2If you need to join multiple sheets together for larger radiators you can use the included Radstik, Just place 2 sheets of Radflek side-by-side and stick the printed side of the Radstik to the unprinted side of Radflek along the join.

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