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Brighten up your Electricity Bill!

Everybody knows that energy saving light bulbs are a great energy saver, It’s all we hear about when we are told how to save money on our electricity bills,  it is true and energy saving light bulbs can make a huge difference, But the usual energy saving light bulb called CFLs are not actually the greatest light bulb on the market!

In 1809 an English chemist by the name of Humphry Davy created an electric light, the first of it’s kind! This was done by connecting two wires which were attached to a charcoal strip to a battery, The flow of electricity made the charcoal strip glow!

diagram of a goebel lamp

45 years later, A German watchmaker by the name of Heinrich Göbel invented the first electric light bulb using a carbonized bamboo filament inside a glass bulb, similar to the Charcoal Strip used by Humphry Davy the Carbonized bamboo glowed when an electric current was running through it. This is the first incandescent light bulb ever to be made!

That was 159 years ago and light bulbs have came a long way since then with some having tens of thousands of hours lifespan. Unfortunately Incandescent bulbs are a huge energy waster, you see the amount of energy used in powering an incandescent bulb, around 90% of that energy is emitted as heat (that’s why incandescent bulbs get so hot!), The best energy saving light bulbs on the market today are not halogen light bulbs or even CFLs but LED light bulbs!

LED Lamps use much less wattage than incandescent bulbs but can still produce the same amount of light, they can also last much longer than incandescent bulbs and are much more durable.

led lamp

Although LED lamps are usually more expensive than incandescent bulbs they have 30 times the lifespan of an ordinary 60w incandescent lightbulb, by switching from incandescent bulbs to a LED lamps you can save up to £139 per year, That means the LED lamps pay for themselves in around 7 months!

Have a look at the table below to see how you can benefit by switching to LED Lamps.



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