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Heatkeeper’s Easy Fitting Method

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors are profilised, metalised PVC panels which can be fitted behind your radiator to reflect any heat from the back of the radiator back into the room, This reduces energy waste from the radiator as it prevents it from pointlessly heating the wall behind.

Now, usually you can fit Heatkeepers to the wall behind the radiator with double sided tape but some people may find this quite difficult for multiple reasons.

Heatkeeper behind radiator

Recently Heatkeeper came up with a fantastic idea of DURAGRIP Spines which help fit the Heatkeeper onto your radiator quicker and easier than before, These spines can be easily snapped onto your Heatkeeper which can then be placed behind your radiator where they will hang using the Spine.

This is pretty useful for people who struggle to fit their Heatkeepers because their radiator is too close to their wall or if there is a window sill in the way, this also makes it simpler to pull the Heatkeeper out for cleaning and then easily place it back in.

Heatkeeper with Duragrip Spine

So if you never purchased Heatkeepers because  you thought it was too much hassle, then now you can give them a try using the DURAGRIP Spines, To purchase just go to our Heatkeeper store page and in the options select Spines, or if you prefer you can still use the original method of double-sided tape!

You can now start saving energy and money quicker and easier than before!

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