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Top 10 Energy Saving Products

Everybody wants to save money on their energy bills so we have compiled a top 10 list of what we think the best ways to save energy are!

  • 10. Eco Kettle – The UK drinks a lot of tea and coffee, It actually works out to 229 million cups every day which is enough to fill 22 Olympic-size swimming pools, Every time we boil the kettle we tend to overfill it, With an Eco Kettle you can easily measure how many cups of water you are actually using.
    The WAHL Ecologyk Kettle has a unique patented dual-chamber design by pressing the water release located on the top you can accurately measure how much water you actually need.

eco kettle

  • 9. Draught Excluders – Our radiators need to be working longer because of the draught coming from our doors and letterboxes, with a simple Draught Excluder you can stop the draught from getting into your house!

draught excluder

  • 8. Ecoflap – This is a draught excluder which doesn’t use brushes, instead the Ecoflap balances the force of the wind to keep it shut, with this marvelous idea you can save up to 27% of your current heating bill!


  • 7. Hippo The Water Saver – As I have previously mentioned in another blog post, The Hippo Water Saver fits into your cistern and stops you from flushing away too much water, water you do not need to use.

With the Hippo Water Saver you can flush away your high water bills!

Hippo Water Savers

  • 6. Turn your heating down – Yes, just simply turn your heating down, by doing this you can reduce your heating bill by as much as 10% per year, even just turning the heating down by 1°C will save you money and energy!


  • 5. Radiator Reflectors – If turning down your heating isn’t an option for you, you can install Radiator Reflectors.

When you turn your radiators on the wall behind is actually being heated up as well as the room, by installing radiator reflectors behind your radiators the heat will be reflected from the wall back into the room, This will save you money on your heating bills and the room will warm up quicker too!

You can currently get Heatkeeper and Radflek radiator reflectors from our website.

heatkeeper behind radiator

  • 4. Energy Monitor – One of the best ways to start saving energy is to monitor your energy usage, once you know how much energy you are using you can target the highest users of energy in your home and start finding how to cut down energy usage from them.

An energy monitor is easy to install and can tell you how much energy you are using and how much it will cost you!

electricity monitor set

  • 3. Energy Saving Light bulbs – Yes, a very simple one, it’s common knowledge that light bulbs are the cause of much of our energy usage but you can save by simply switching to energy saving light bulbs.

Have a look at our range of energy saving light bulbs

energy saving light bulb

  • 2. Double Glazing – Although this is probably the most expensive option on the list so far it can be one of the best ways to save energy!

Double glazing helps stop the heat from your house escaping outdoors, which limits energy waste.

pvc window frame

  • 1. Roof & Loft Insulation – Heat rises and because of this heat from your house can escape through your roof and loft, If it is insulated the heat loss is limited and this stops you from needing your radiators on as much.

This is a good investment and can pay for itself from only 2 years!



Although this list is mostly compiled of products you can purchase to save energy, the best way to save energy is to monitor your energy usage, turn lights and electricals off once not in use, turning down your heating and most important of all spreading the word about energy saving!

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