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How to flush away your water bill

70% of our planet is water, which means there is more water than land yet we have to pay high water rates for something we have trillions of gallons of.


Well actually maybe we deserve it; we do flush 30% of our water down the toilet along with other things.

If you are like me you must always be thinking how to save water but fortunately now I have found a solution to this problem, it can save up to 3 litres of water per flush and how you ask?


Hang on, I’ll tell you.


To be honest with you I had no idea how much money we wasted on flushing the toilet but then I met my saviour, Hippo the Water Saver!

Hippo Water Saver

Hippo told me that I do not need a full cistern to flush the toilet and that I am practically flushing my money away.Now let me tell you a secret; Hippo isn’t a person or even really a hippo but he does exist, He is a very useful toilet water saver that you can place into your cistern, fill with water and then he will keep that water safe from being flushed down the toilet.

I tried Hippo and my toilet flushed exactly as it did before but this time I saved some money but not only that but I am also helping the environment.


Over 2 billion litres of water are flushed in the UK every day and over 700 billion litres every year!

If every household used a Hippo Water Saver that number could be reduced by more than 25%!

That is a massive reduction on our water bills and will help the environment too.

Hippo Water Savers

So I am going to help stop Britain from flushing away all of our water, if you go to Lake Renewable Energy and use Voucher Code: KMJA13 this voucher code will knock 5% right off the price of your very own Hippo Water Saver, so save a flush today and grab one for yourself!

I personally think the Hippo Water Saver is a stroke of genius and it would be money well spent, Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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